Areas of Need

You can designate your gift to a variety of needs at NYBCe. Because of you NYBCe can make a direct community impact on both a local and national scale to achieve a healthier tomorrow for generations to come. Explore the areas of need below or click and download NYBCe's 20+ Page Community Impact Statement and take a deeper dive in learning just where your money goes!

To give a financial gift, see the online form following this section, Text NYBC or RESEARCH to 20222 to instantly donate $25, or visit our Ways to Donate Money page for more methods. 

Give to the NYBCe's Research Institute  

NYBCe's prestigious research institute, Lindsley F. Kimbell Research Institute (LFKRI) is at the forefront of blood disease research. Our world renowned researchers take basic research and translate those findings into new tools to prevent and control disease. Made possible because of your generosity, the Enterprise can continue to their research in other areas beyond COVID-19, including transfusion medicine, cell therapy, hematology, infectious diseases, and epidemiology. From bench to bedside, LFKRI’s research makes a direct impact in protecting the blood supply, controlling the spread of HIV and understanding the physiology of various blood diseases.  

  • Research Grants - The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)/Research Administration is responsible for all pre- and post-award administration of sponsored research grants. Sponsors include Federal, State and Local governments, non-profit agencies, corporations, and foundations.
  • Sponsorships and Grants – We partner with many leading organizations to advance their philanthropic goals in the community, from hosting blood drives to providing educational programs and scholarships. We also collaborate with foundations to address healthcare issues in our community and have developed expertise in meeting the special needs of cancer patients, sickle cell patients, and newborns with blood disorders. 

To learn more about The Office of Sponsored Programs/Research administration, click here. To request information or speak to someone about giving a research grant, how to become a sponsor, or how to give any other type of grant, please fill out our Office of Philanthropy contact us form and someone will reply within 24-48 hours. 

Give to a NYBCe Program

  • New York Blood Center Enterprises Annual Fund 

NYBCe's Annual Fund is the backbone of our philanthropic initiatives. This fund provides support beyond our annual budget. It provides the organization with the flexibility to allocate resources toward our most immediate needs, which allows us to provide the greatest impact on our community.

New York Blood Center Enterprises (NYBCe) works to fulfill our commitment to save and sustain lives by providing blood products and hospital services to more than 600 hospitals and dozens of research organizations, academic institutions, and biomedical companies each year.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely reduced the number of units of donated blood collected at mobile drives at schools, places of worship, and community and corporate organizations. Prior to businesses, schools and places of worship adopting remote interaction, 70% of our red cell collections came from our mobile operations, with 30% coming from the collection centers. With the entire foundation of blood donation changing, NYBCe has taken on increased expenditures to expand donor recruitment and collection efforts. 

To deliver what matters most to our generous blood donors, blood drive sponsors, hospital and clinic partners, and others throughout the healthcare industry, Everyday Lifesaving Operation funding is needed.

  • Medical Services 

NYBC’s Medical Services provides state-of-the-art transfusion services and highly specialized direct patient care. Cellular therapy, bone marrow, transfusion services, hemophilia services, clinical research and education are all handled by our professional and medical staff who work closely with partnering hospitals to provide better treatment options and improve patient outcomes.

  • Little Doctors Program™

Creating blood donors of the future, NYBC’s Little Doctor’s Program teaches students about volunteerism, community service, and the science of blood through the organization of community blood drives.

  • Education & Scholarships

NYBCe is dedicated to supporting and strengthening the community through the provision of world-class training and educational opportunities including awarding scholarships to students who demonstrate leadership in the medical community – NYBC is invested in the people and regions it serves.


We truly appreciate and are thankful for any and all monetary donations.  Should you require any further assistance, please contact the Office of Philanthropy teamThe Blood Center is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization. Tax ID: 131949477.

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